Thursday, February 16, 2017

New York Restaurant Week: Junoon

From January 23 to February 10 almost 200 restaurant across New York City present fixed menus at rather reasonable prices. With fixed menus at lunch starting at 29$ to 49$ for dinner, it's a grab for food lovers who have the opportunity to taste a medley of dishes. This year I had the chance to visit one of the participating restaurants, Junoon. Junoon is about contemporary Indian dishes with the elegance and modern dressing of high-end culinary skill. I chose an Indian restaurant because of my boyfriend, for him it's food that he never has. On my part, it something I grew up with. However, to taste the modern twist is something to get excited about. 

When I arrived at the destination coat check was offered at no cost and my reservation was ready on the spot. The wine options are plentiful and I was ready to enjoy the food. I'm a rather decisive person so I opted for anything that I was not use to in regards to indian cooking such as seafood based recipes.  The following below are what I chose and the descriptions.      
Saloni Machi
atlantic salmon, burnt cucumber, onion relish, salmon crumb
tandoor chicken thigh, pistacho purée, tawa carrot salad, papaya acha
Main Course
Lal Mas
          goat meat, red chili sauce, garlic, coriander, garam masala
roasted coconut, jaggery, curry leaf, mustard seed
masala streusel, poached pear, chai ice cream
Second Dessert was similar to Kheer

The food overall was very good, however it could have been warmer coming out when served. The tastes were a little different from what I was use to and the Lal Mas was a dish of familiarity reminding me of my father's cooking. You are able to taste the variation of the flavors in the cooking and there is some degree of uniqueness, however I feel I can easily make these dishes at home. The dessert on the other hand was distinct, I never had spiced chocolate or Kheer with little pieces of fruit. I will say this, the restaurant was worth it due to the special fixed menu. However, for the regular menu maybe it's not worth the price. To make a better judgement I need to visit this restaurant and try the 70$ fixed menu at dinner time to place further opinion of this establishment. 

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